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FAQ : Assignment or Plan?

Are you looking to find out the differences between plans and assignments, so that you can figure out which one would work best for you?  Below is a list of what each are able to do.


  • Allows you to have multiple assignments available for the same date range.  These are presented in order of creation date.
  • Option to assign to specific students, or whole class
  • Detailed reporting (Show's questions asked, and answers given if incorrect)
  • Multiple skill selection (maximum 50 questions)
  • No hints (Test style atmosphere)
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No adaptive elements.  Student will encounter all questions in the skill if assigned
  • Ignores placement test grading


  • Single plan for a single topic created at a time.  These cannot overlap
  • Detailed reporting (Ability to see students that have mastered, or failed out of specific skills)
  • Class-wide by default, no option to exclude students
  • Hints available
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • Adaptive elements remain, please see FAQ: Planner for further details.
  • If the student is more than +/- 1 grade outside of plan's grade range, they will not see the plan.
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