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Game Update - November 1, 2016: At night, the stars come out to play...

Hey Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! As we near the end of autumn, all of the ghosts and ghouls of Pumpkinfest have gone into their yearly slumber once again.  It's now time to celebrate with the Starlight Festival!!


Starlight Festival

From now until November 30th, this chilly new seasonal event will introduce some new and exciting changes to Lamplight Town, some cool rewards, and the new day/night cycle!!

During the day, Lamplight Town will continue to bustle with activity, but at night when the stars come out to shine, the Festival begins! Then players will be able to buy new items at the store, complete exciting new daily tasks, and earn Star Shards from regular wizard battles!!

Visit the signpost in Lamplight's Town Square to get a description of the event details and how to earn Star Shards...

Throughout the event, you can earn Star Shards by:

1. Battling monsters (these arrive as random battle rewards between the hours of 3pm-6am).

2. Find a fallen star on in Lamplight Town daily for a chance to do battle for more Star Shards! (Only available during the time of the event, between 3pm-6am).


Star Shards

You can use your Star Shards to buy rewards!

Speak to Mama Star in the Town Square to buy some new equipment and furniture for your house!


General Gameplay - The Pet Store

The Pet Store is now open to purchase a buddy to accompany you on your adventures.  Check it our in Lamplight Town.

General Gameplay - Macha and Coco

We'd like to introduce you to our new friends Macha & Coco!! Macha and Coco can help you buy toys, and toy-specific gear for your wizard in game!!

Not all items are currently available for purchase in game, but will be very soon. Keep dropping by to see if Macha has anything new to sell, and tell your friends!

Macha and Coco are available in the following zones:

  • Skywatch Gardener Hut (exterior)
  • Firefly Forest Hub
  • Shiverchill Mountain Hub
  • Bonfire Spire Hub
  • Dyno Dig Oasis
  • Town Pet Area

 Educational Tweaks

  • 50+ skills will now be getting additional hint bubbles
  • 50+ questions will give feedback on incorrect answers based on the answer provided. This will help to guide the player to the correct answer!


We sure hope you like the cool changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. Stay frosty my friends!!

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