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My Child's Account Has Been Reset And They Have To Start Over

If it looks like your child is being asked to start over each time they login, it may be that they are creating a new account by accident. 

The game's login page features two prominent buttons: 

  • The "Login" button
  • The "New Student" button

Often our users can confuse the two, leading them to select the "New Student" button instead of the "Login" button. 

If they do, they will be presented with the "Choose A Wizard To Explore Prodigy" page. 

This may look like they are being asked to start over when, in fact, they've requested a new account. 

If your child has stated they've been asked to start over, please ensure they are logging in using the correct method: 

1. Enter Username

2. Enter Password (Case sensitive)

3. Select "Login" 

If following this method does not resolve the issue, then please write to us at: 

Please include the child or student's username and a description of the problem.

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