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Website Or Website Page Doesn't Load

If you're having trouble loading the website, a particular page of the website, or the game itself please take the following steps:

Check to ensure you're using a supported system and a functional internet connection

A full list of supported systems can be found in this article (opens new tab).

Check to ensure the game/website isn't currently experiencing an issue

You can do this by checking our ProdigyStatus Twitter feed (opens new tab). If there is an issue, stay tuned to this feed for updates about our progress in repairing the issue.

Try clearing your cached images and files

Your browser stores game files temporarily to make the process of loading the game faster. If these files get out of date or corrupted for any reason it can cause issues loading the game.

Locate your browser from the list below and follow the instructions provided by their support to clear your "cached images and files", restart your browser and try loading the game again.

The following links will provide you with instructions for how to do this using the most commonly used browsers:

  • Google's Chrome - Click here.
  • Mozilla's Firefox - Click here
  • Safari - Click here
  • Safari (iPad) - Click here
  • Chrome (Android/iPad) - Click here
Add the following addresses to your firewall's list of accepted domains

Some firewalls, such as in schools, can block access to the game. Either add or request that your network administrator add the following addresses to your firewall's list of accepted domains:

Please Note: These are not front-facing websites. You will not be able to access them through a browser and must be copied exactly as written below.

  • https://*.prodigygame.com
  • https://webcdn.prodigygame.com
  • https://cdn.prodigygame.com
  • https://s3.amazon.com/
  • https://checkout.stripe.com/
  • https://api.prodigygame.com
  • https://play.prodigygame.com
  • http://videolessons.prodigygame.com/
  • http://cloudfront.net/
  • https://sso.prodigygame.com/


If your hardware/software does not accept wildcards (https://*.prodigygame.com), click HERE for a more detailed list of sites to add.


  • https://www.prodigygame.com
  • https://api.prodigygame.com
  • https://play.prodigygame.com
  • https://cdn.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-1.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-2.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-3.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-4.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-5.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-6.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-7.prodigygame.com
  • https://multiplayer-8.prodigygame.com
  • https://code.prodigygame.com 


If you're still having issues after taking these steps please contact our support team by selecting Submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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