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Release Notes - August 16, 2016 - Planner and assignment list view!

Due to popular demand we're bringing back a couple of features for you teachers and parents! 


Planner/Assignment list view

Our recent integration of the assignment/planner into the calendar view really helped to bring a more focused scheduling system to our teacher/parent accounts. However, based on feedback from our users, we felt it was important to give you a means of showing a complete list of assignments and plans  for review. 

As such, we've re-introduced a "list view" into the planner/assignment page. 

This view can be toggled from the top right of the page, allowing you to switch between your calendar view and a list of all your past and present plans/assignments. 

The colour coding for plans and assignments remains in the list view allowing you to quickly identify which is which. Plans are blue and assignments are purple. 

Student Progress Report

Back by popular demand! We had recently disabled our older "student progress" report in favour of a series of new reports. Our plan was to create a new report to replace this report in the near future. However, due to user feedback we felt it important to ensure teachers and parents could access this information in the interim. 

As such, the prior incarnation of our student progress report has been put back into action so that you can review the material that a specific student has encountered in list view. 

Access the "Student Progress" report from the "Reports" page of any of your classes! 

We will continue to work on the revised version of this report which we hope to release moving forward. 


Thanks for all your feedback about our recent changes and helping us to shape Prodigy into a tool that integrates smoothly into your classroom and home. We're always happy to hear from you and encourage you to share your feedback with us through our community and by writing to our support team

~ The Prodigy Team


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