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Game, website and education content updates! (September 13, 2016)

Game Update

New Tutorial 

For the new school year we felt our introductory tutorial could use a refresher! We're introducing a brand new tutorial that brings with it new exciting story lines, brand new characters and a re-vitalized Lamplight Town! 

All students will be expected to go through the new tutorial but not to worry, if you've played Prodigy before, you'll get to meet our new characters and get a chance to select a starter pet as a reward! 

New Town

As mentioned, along with our new tutorial, Lamplight town has received a facelift! Featuring familiar places re-designed and new and exciting places to explore!


New areas to explore!


The re-designed "Colisuem"


The re-designed "Wheel of Wonder"


Be sure to take the time to explore the new Lamplight town. You'll find some familiar faces there but some new ones as well! Get out there and get to know them!

New House

Much of the furniture management remains the same but each wizard will now be placed in the same home. 

Here's what it looks like: 

You'll start with some basic furniture and the purchasing and furniture control remains largely the same. Check out our article on how to use your house here to learn more.

Education Update

30+ new skills!

We're constantly working to add new content for your students/children to encounter. This week's update adds new pre-requisite skills to ensure that when they're struggling they'll get practice on the math that helps to build their understanding so they can continually improve even with material they're less familiar with!

Introducing second chance to mobile app questions

When we released the new version of the app, we were forced to leave out the chance to re-try a question when you answered it incorrectly. We think this is hugely important so we're re-introducing 2nd chance attempts for students using the mobile app with this update!

Website Update

Students swap between classes:

We know that things in the classroom are often changing and with the advent of our multiple class system we wanted to give teachers an easy method to move students between them. As such, your "students" page now features a "Move Students" button: 

To move students between classes simply check off the  box next to their name, select "Move Students" and then select the class you'd like to move them to! Your student will be removed from their current class and moved to their new one!

Today button:

Because the planner and assignment tools were designed to allow you to plan ahead, they feature arrows that allow you to move from month to month, potentially allowing you to plan out your entire year ahead of time.

With that in mind, we've introduced a "Today" button which you can select at any time from your planner page that will return you to today's date.


We sure hope you like the changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting and engaging all the time.

Let us know what you think by selecting "submit a ticket" above or write to us at

Stay tuned for more updates in the future! 

~The Prodigy Team


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