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Why can't I leave a boss battle?

As a Prodigy wizard, you might be used to being able to "Run away" from a battle when you don't want to complete it. 

If you're in a battle with a boss like Gerald in Firefly Forest, then this feature is disabled. Also, if you try to leave by logging out and back in again, you'll be returned to the  boss battle. 

This is because boss battles must be completed before you can move on. A boss battle can be completed in two ways: 

  • You defeat the boss. 
  • The boss defeats you by reducing you and all of your team mates to zero hearts. 

These are the only two ways that you'll be able to leave a boss battle. Once you do either of the options above you'll be able to return to the normal game. 


Having trouble beating the boss? We'd recommend the following tips: 

  • Level up your wizard and battle team members - Try visiting other areas of the game to gain more experience. Levelling your wizard and team members will give you access to more hearts and more powerful spells, making it easier to take on the challenge. 
  • Make use of elemental advantage - each element has at least 1 other element type that it's strong against and at least one that it's weak against. Make sure you know your elements so that you can construct your team to battle the particular boss that you're up against. 

Want to learn more about elemental advantage? Click here


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