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My student or child does not appear in my class list

If your student or child is not currently a part of your class this could be because they were either never added or have been removed. 

In order to address this you'll need to re-add them to your class list. This will require a knowledge of their username and password and then add them Using your class code

If you don't know the student or child's username and password then we suggest the following: 


1. Ask the student themselves. 

2. Look for prior emailed correspondence from the when the student was added. Prodigy always sends an email including username and password when a student adds themselves to your class using class codes or when a new account is created using a teacher/parent account.

3. Write to our support team with any knowledge you have of the student's acount including:

  • student/child's full name
  • name or email of the teacher/parent that created the account
  • partial or complete username
  • character name
  • level
  • gold amount

We'll do our best to help track it down! 

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