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My student or child does not appear in my class list

If your student or child is not currently a part of your class this could be because they were either never added or have been removed.

In order to address this you'll need to re-add them to your class list. This will require a knowledge of their username and password and then add them Using your class code

Please Note: After a student has added themselves to your class, you will need to refresh your classroom page to see the change. This website does not refresh automatically.

If you don't know the student or child's username and password then we suggest the following:

1. Ask the student themselves. 

2. Look for prior emailed correspondence from when the student was added. Prodigy always sends an email including username and password when a student adds themselves to your class using class codes or when a new account is created using a teacher/parent account.

3. Write to our support team with any knowledge you have of the student's acount including:

  • student/child's full name
  • name or email of the teacher/parent that created the account
  • partial or complete username
  • character name
  • level
  • gold amount

We'll do our best to help track it down! 

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