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My Epic Has Arrived, How Do I Unlock Them?

Congratulations on getting one of Prodigy's Epics! We hope you're ready to make the world of Prodigy safer for all its inhabitants!

Now that your Epic has arrived, please take the following steps:

1. Open your Epics box and locate your unique code on the underside of the box lid.

Please Note: Our codes contain no zeroes, only the letter "O"


2. Go to  and enter the username and password for the account that you'd like to pair your Epic to. (Please ensure this is the account you want to tag it to, as something this epic can only be used once!!"

3. Enter the unique code listed on the box lid and select "Unlock".


Your Epic will now be on your pet list! If you add them to your battle team, they'll even follow you around!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, select "Submit a request" above to write to our support team.

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