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Release Notes: Daily Quests, New Content, hints and more! (April 19, 2016)

Here’s what we’re working on at Prodigy…

Daily Quests

Starting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 wizards will be able to help collect items to earn rewards in the Firefly Forest and the Shiverchill Mountains.

Up to 5 of these items will appear each day! Reach the following milestones in each zone to earn rewards:

  • 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 99

What lies in store for you intrepid collectors out there? You’ll have to speak to a familiar friend in each zone starting on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 to find out…

Catch Fireflies in the Firefly Forest


Collect Ice Crystals in the Shiverchill Mountains


Curriculum Override Changed to “Grade Override”:

As part of a continual effort to improve the adaptability of the game for your children and students, we’re isolating each curriculum for parents and teachers.

Moving forward:

  • Parents as well as teachers will be expected to select a location for their account.
  • Parents/Teachers will be restricted to changing grade level from only their selected curriculum for their children/students rather than curriculum and grade.
  • “Curriculum override” will be known as “Grade Override” indicating that only a change of grade can now be selected.

This will enable us to isolate each individual curriculum, prevent overlap and gaps in skill trees and ensure that the content your children/students receive is consistent with their selected grade and curriculum even when controlled by multiple parents/teachers.  

Please Note: Assignments from all curricula will remain available.


70 New Skills for Ontario:

More content for the Ontario Curriculum! Check out our interactive skills page here and keep an eye out for the “New” indicator to identify the new content.

Here are some highlights:

Single-digit addition using tens frames - Ontario Grade 1     



Comparing 3 numbers from 0-100 using number line - Ontario Grade 2



Hint Bubbles:

We’re always looking for better ways to provide information to children/students. As a part of this effort, we’re bringing out new and more convenient methods for delivering in question hints for 100 skills starting Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

Rather than moving to a separate page which obscures the question, these new hints appear right in window in a pop-up bubble. Just click on the lightbulb icon to check it out.


Hint Icon:


Along with the hint bubbles change, the hint icon will now be represented by a lightbulb, replacing the previous “?” icon.


We sure hope you like these changes and stay tuned for future updates and news!

~The Prodigy Team


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