How do I see my wizard's stats?

If you want to know how many stars your wizard needs to level up or how much gold you've collected, then you'll want to check out your player's menu.

Here's how to do it!

1. Go to and select "Play The Game" at the top right of the page.


2. Enter your username and password and select "Log in". 


3. Click or tap on your character in-game to open the player menu. 


4. Click on "View Stats" to see the following player statistics: 


  • Current number of hearts/total number of hearts. 
  • Current number of stars/stars needed to level up.
  • Total gold amount.
  • Highest Dark Tower Level Reached.
  • Arena Ranking.
  • Duel win/loss record.

Click on "View Gear" to see your wizard's currently equipped gear. 

Click on "Key Items" to see any key items collected while playing. 

To visit your home, click on "Go To House". 

This is a quick and easy way to stay on top of how your wizard is doing on their quest to become a Prodigy! 

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