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Release Notes: Teacher Notifications & New Backpack (March 22, 2016)

Here’s what we’re working on at Prodigy…

Ever wondered when your students have completed their diagnostic test? Well wonder no more! Teachers can now get notifications on their dashboard for important events! 


Starting this morning, teachers will notice a small bell icon on their dashboard: 

This will be the home of your notification system. Currently, you'll receive a notification  for the following events: 

  • When a student completes their introductory diagnostic test
  • When a student completes an assignment you've created

We'll be adding new notices to the system over time. 


New Backpack:

Wizards are already asked to carry a lot on their back, might as well do it in style right? 

That's why we've re-styled the backpack menu to make it easier to navigate and more in keeping with our brushed up menu changes recently. 

As always, click on the backpack icon to open the menu: 

Once inside you'll notice a few changes: 

- Navigate the various menus with a brand new set of clearly labelled buttons. 

- See what item is currently equipped with the hangar icon on large easy to navigate equipment menus.


- Get item descriptions and bonuses listed whenever you click to equip/unequip an item. 

As always get a preview of your character and a list of items currently equipped. 

We hope you like the changes! As always, we're working hard to make Prodigy the best it can be for you. 

If you have any questions/concerns/feedback, you can write to us by selecting “Submit a Request” from the top right of the page. 

~The Prodigy Team


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