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What should I do to prepare for the end of the school year?

If the year is winding down, you may be asking, how do I prepare my students for the summer and the following school year?

Here are the steps to take to get them ready for both. 

1. Leave grade overrides in place

If you have a grade override in place for any of your students then we ask that you leave them in place over the summer months. 

With the override in place the game will continue to adapt for your student and the content will remain consistent for them over the summer when they play. Removing the override can result in some changes in the content they're receiving and it is best that they remain on the path they followed during the school year. 

We will automatically reset their placement tests in the new year and their new teacher can make adjustments accordingly. 

2. Clear out assignments and plans

While assignments and plans are inherently time based, they are also powerful tools that guide the content provided to students in game. Only the teacher that provided the assignment or plan can remove it.  Since you will not be able to interact with the student over the summer, having an assignment or a plan which students and parents cannot adjust may be problematic.

We suggest on your last day, removing any outstanding assignments or plans from your student accounts. 

  • To remove an assignment, go to your assignments page and select "delete" next to the assignment title. 

  • To remove a plan, go to your planner page, click on the plan as it appears in your calendar and select to "delete" the plan. 

3. Print parent letters and send them home 

It's very important that your students have access to their username and login information, and sending home our personalized parent letter accomplishes a few things for them:

  • Provides username and password for login over the summer. 
  • Provides parents with instructions for registering and pairing their accounts so they can help to manage their child's account. 
  • Allows student's to present login information to their teacher the following year. 

With this in mind, we've made it as easy as possible to send this information home. Take a look at the article linked here to find out how to print parent letters to send home. 

4. Keep them part of your list until the following school year and print out a list of student usernames and passwords

It can be tempting to clear out your class list at the end of the year to make things nice and easy to set up when you return after the summer however, we ask that you wait until the new school year to do so. This allows you to do a couple of things: 

  1. Continue to get updated email reports about your students' progress over the summer months. 
  2. Reference their login information at the start of the next school year if any of them lost that information over the summer. 

Regardless of whether you choose to keep them a part of your list or not, we strongly recommend printing or saving a copy of your students' usernames and passwords for safe keeping. 

To do this, click here for instructions. 

We hope this article helps you to feel totally prepared for the summer and for the next year. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by selecting the "Submit a request" link at the top right of the page. 


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