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How we handle personal information (PII)

We understand the range of concerns that come along with the collection of personally identifiable information (PII).

Please be sure to review our comprehensive privacy policy & how we comply with particular pieces of legislation.

These are the measures that we take to ensure that your and your students' PII is used responsibly and only for educational purposes: 

  1. There is no requirement for the entry of PII. To create a student account, all that is required is first name and last initial. None of this information appears in game. 
  2. PII is never sold to 3rd party companies. 
  3. No profile is created using PII for the purposes of targeted advertising. No 3rd party advertising is permitted on the site. 
  4. When a student account is created, students are required to input a teacher's class code or a parent's email to provide notice to relevant parties. 
  5. Any data used to demonstrate the efficacy of the program is anonymized and aggregated, also known as "deidentified", to protect our users' privacy. 
  6. Any data collected from students during game play is only used for educational purposes to improve the efficacy of the program for the individual user and to provide teachers and parents with actionable educational data. 

Users are able to request access to what data is stored about themselves or students/children in their charge and can request its deletion in keeping with our privacy policy, available through our website or here

We take many measures to protect this information. Here's how we protect your data: 

  1. All data transfer does so through the latest SSL encryption.
  2. All data stored on our servers is done so with an IP lock that requires the approval of a Prodigy Staff member for access, to which only Prodigy staff have been granted access.
  3. Access to the digital storage of user data is restricted and access can only be granted by a Prodigy Staff member.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write to our support team by selecting the "Submit Request" button in the upper right portion of this page. 


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