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Release Notes: Re-Structured Education Content (March 15, 2016)

Here's what's happening in Prodigy this Week: 

- 150 updated math skills.

Included in this updated batch of content is some question re-structuring to make our question format and instructions more clear in what will be a continuous effort to standardize question formatting across the game. 

We've changed placement of and drawn attention to two specific areas of these questions. Highlighting the question with bolding and italicizing instructions specific to the question format. For example, in the question below the student is required to click on the dots on the line plot in order to provide their answer once they've solved the question. 


We've specifically structured this re-formatting to target skills students experience early in their use of the game to improve their first time experience. 


 Also in this release...

- Minor Bug Fixes


We sure hope you like these changes and stay tuned for future updates and news! 

~The Prodigy Team


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