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News and Announcements (February 12, 2016)

Here’s what we’re working on at Prodigy…


New Education Content - We’re excited to be releasing 95 new skills into the game next week! On top of the new content, we’ll be introducing new types of skills:

Calculator Skills - For only select questions that require students demonstrate an understanding of process rather than computation, we’re introducing a new calculator manipulative!

Look for it in the manipulatives drawer!

Interactive Questions - We’re also adding more interactive skills like this grade 8 skill utilizing a coordinate plane…

Or this grade 1 skill utilizing counters…


Our education content creation team is hard at work making our questions as interactive and as fun as the game!

Look for all the new content on our skills page here. They’ll be indicated with the “New!” tag.  

Changes to EQAO - We will be moving all the skills that were previously exclusive to the following curricula into the standard Ontario Grades 3 & 6 curricula.

  • EQAO Grade 3
  • EQAO Grade 6

In favor of the planner tool and assignments, we will be permanently disabling these curricula.

All of the skills previously available only in these curricula will now be available for you to implement through the planner tool and assignments!

If your student was previously on a curriculum override for either of these curricula they’ll be automatically moved to the Ontario Grade 3 or 6 curricula respectively.

We hope you enjoy the new content!

~The Prodigy Team


Want to stay up to date on changes to Prodigy’s website and game features?

If you have any questions/concerns, you can write to us by selecting “Submit a Request” from the page linked here.





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