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Patch/Release Notes 1.23.4 - Matchmaking!

Here's what's new in Prodigy this morning...

If you liked Player vs. Player battles then you'll love the new "Matchmaking" feature! 


Starting today, you'll be able to find a challenger from your world to battle against. Our system pairs you up against a player of similar rank to engage in a math battle.


Read about it here.

Social Menu: 

To support the new Matchmaking functionality, we've completely re-worked the Leaderboard into a new "Social" menu. 


Read about how to navigate it here

 Arena Merchant & Arena Caller:

If you visit the Coliseum in Lamplight Town, you'll meet two new friends! The Arena Merchant and the Arena Caller. 

The Arena Merchant will sell you items from the Arena Rewards shop. Depending on your Rank in the Arena, you'll be offered different items to buy! Be sure, to rank up and check out what the Merchant has for sale! There are 9 new items to be had here! 

The Arena Caller will bring you to the Arena menu just like when you select the scroll icon from the bottom toolbar.

We hope you enjoy and let us know what you think! 

~The Prodigy Team

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