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News and Announcements - Bounty Boards, Edit Assignments and more! (February 29, 2016)

Here’s what we’re working on at Prodigy…

Our team has been hard at work and because of that, this week you can expect brand new game features and improvements, the addition of a long requested teacher feature as well a major change to iPad membership purchases.

Bounty Board- Monster Hunters Unite!  

Starting on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, Wizards will be able to receive a new kind of quest, the Monster Bounty!

           Receive 3 new bounties everyday!

Visit “Boardy” in Lamplight Town to start your budding career as a monster bounty hunter!


Boardy  can be found in Lamplight Town     


Edit Assignments

We understand that everyday in the classroom brings new surprises and challenges that require teachers to adapt. To help, we’re making it possible to edit the start and end dates for your assignments.


Make use of the simple click calendar to adjust the start/end dates of your assignments.

 Starting Tuesday, March 1st, 2016,  teachers and parents will be able to extend the end date of their assignments or set them to start earlier/later to help them adapt as things change in their classrooms or at home!

Disabling iTunes Memberships

We’re so pleased that so many of our students, parents and teachers enjoy using the Prodigy Math Game app from the iOS App Store. However, some of the limitations placed on membership purchasing through iTunes left something to be desired.

As such…

Starting Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 we will be disabling any new membership purchases through iTunes in favor of membership purchases through our website’s membership page.

Purchase a membership through iTunes prior to March 1st, 2016? Not to worry! Existing iTunes membership holders will still get to continue to use their memberships until they choose to cancel through their iTunes account.


Changes to Player vs. Player battles 

Global Leaderboards

Knowing how you’re doing versus your classmates in Arena ranking is great, but what about everybody else? We’re really excited to release the “Arena Leaders” leaderboard!

Select “Arena Leaders” from the Social Menu to see the top wizards in the world!

 The “Arena Leaders” board will show you:

  1. A profile and image for the top Arena Player in the world
  2. A list of the top 30 arena players in the world.

We want you to know how you rank against ALL other Prodigy Wizards. Now you can do that! Who will be the top player in the world? Maybe it’s you! 

Deserters be warned!

We know it’s no fun to be winning a battle only to have your opponent run away before it’s finished, so we’re introducing a “deserter” penalty. Every time a player deserts a battle before it’s finished, 50 arena points will be deducted from their arena point total.

Doing any of the following during a battle will result in a 50 arena point penalty:

  1. Refreshing the page
  2. Closing the browser
  3. Disconnecting from the internet until you’re removed from the game.

If your opponent chooses to run away and you stay, you’ll be declared the winner and earn your rewards as normal.


We sure hope you like these changes and stay tuned for future updates and news! 

~The Prodigy Team


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