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News and Announcements (February 1, 2016)

Here’s what we’re working on at Prodigy…

Planner  - This week we’re excited to release a new tool to help you align your classroom lessons with Prodigy!

The new planner will allow you to set topics for your students’ Prodigy accounts coinciding with your classroom lessons using a calendar feature.

Access your planner by selecting the “Planner” button from the side bar menu.


Planner Tool Calendar

For example, if you’re teaching addition to 20 on Monday and subtraction to 20 on Wednesday, you can set your plan at the beginning of the week, and Prodigy will bring that content into the game for your students automatically! Once you create your plan, you can set it and forget it! We’ll handle the rest...


Topic Overview Report - In conjunction with the Planner tool, we’ll also be introducing a new report. The topic overview report will give you an overview of your students’ current status within any curriculum topic in the game!

You’ll be able to see whether your students have mastered, are currently working on, or are struggling with any skills in the game sorted by grade. Included in this report will be the number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly as well as their overall grade!


Topic Overview Report


Community Link - Haven’t joined our community yet? We’re making it easier for you! We’ve added a direct link to our community from your teacher/parent account. Find it on your sidebar menu and sign up for a free community account today.

Links to Planner and Community on sidebar menu



More details to come on release day, Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016.

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