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FAQ: Matchmaking

What is the "Matchmaking" feature?

The find challenger system allows a player to find and battle against another player of a similar level/rank. 

How do I access the "Matchmaking" feature? 

The "Matchmaking" feature can be located in the "Awards" menu. To find a challenger:

1. Select the awards menu icon from your bottom toolbar.

2. Select the "My Arena" button.

3. Select the "Find Challenger" button.  

(Please Note: You must be in a multiplayer world in order to challenge another player. The system is disabled in "offline" mode.)

Who will I be matched with? 

The system will attempt to match you with someone of the same level/rank. If a challenger of the same level/rank is not available then the system will slowly increase the range until a challenger can be found. If, after one minute, a challenger cannot be found, the process will start over. 

How can I stop looking for a challenger? 

To stop the system from looking for a challenger, select the red "x" from the top right of the menu. 

How do I win a challenge?

Like any other math battle, you win by reducing the hearts of your opponent/opponent's team members to zero. 

Does this replace the regular player vs. player battle? 

No, you can still challenge another player in the multiplayer world by clicking on them and selecting "Battle!". 

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