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Release Notes: Winterfest in Lamplight Town (December 22, 2015)

Welcome to Lamplight Town! We've made some renovations recently, just in time for Winterfest! When you log in for the first time Noot will take you on a tour!

The town is separated into Districts whose names will help you discover what they have in store. We'll let Noot explain them to you! 

What's in the New Zone? 

New Characters - We've introduced a heaping helping of new magical characters for you to meet in the town. 

"Wheeler" who will help you spin the Wheel of Wonder!

"Stylist Snips" who can help you get a new look!

"Shopkeeper Figg" who can sell you lots of wonderful equipment!

Of course there's the "Peddler" who you can sell items to!

Lastly, there's "Rolly" who can help you to transform!

In the Town Square you'll meet some new Characters who have arrived just for Winterfest!

Visit "Gift-Giver Kip" once every day until the end of Winterfest (January 31, 2016) to receive a special present! 

Visit "Shopkeeper Gurgle" to purchase exclusive Winterfest items! 

To celebrate the revitalization of Lamplight Town and the arrival of Winterfest, we're introducing some new types of items! 

Fireworks and Confetti: Fireworks and Confetti can only be used once, but everyone on screen will see them!

Food: Got any food items in your bag? Your wizard can now eat food to regain hearts in a pinch! Food items can be used from your items menu. Click on the food item to find out how many hearts it heals and select "Use" to eat it. 

We hope you enjoy the Lamplight's new look and have a happy Winterfest!

Bug Fixes: 

- Various question fixes. 

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