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Patch/Release Notes: 1.20.1 - The New Shiverchill Revealed! (December 8, 2015)

Hello's n-ice to meet you! 

This morning we've released a  total re-work of the Shiverchill Mountain. The new version includes: 

  • 17 New Area Maps
  • Brand New Quest Line (16 New Quests)
  • Brand New Items
  • 1 New Pet
  • ...Hidden Secrets? 

(Please Note: Access to Shiverchill mountain will now  be restricted to those that have acquired the Forest Gem by completing the quest line from the Firefly Forest.) 

You may notice when you look at your map that the Shiverchill icon is greyed out:


If this is the case, clicking on the icon will produce the following message: 

Once you complete the Firefly Forest zone quests then you'll gain access to the Shiverchill Mountain. 


New Map Menus: 

Our map now features new menus that describe the zone and provides the opportunity to confirm your desire to travel there prior to moving locations. 

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