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Changing Parent Account Settings

In your account settings, you can: 

  • Change your contact e-mail
  • Change your account password
  • Change Settings for Prodigy Updates and Progress Reports

To access your account settings, take the following steps: 

1. Navigate to Prodigy and select the "Login" button. 


2. Login using your e-mail/password and select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu at the top right of the page. 



From the "General Settings" tab you can: 

  • Change your contact email address. 
  • Change your name


You can change your password from the "Change Password" tab. 


From the Email preferences tab you can: 

  • Disable all email communication from Prodigy


From the Account Type tab, you can switch between a parent or teacher account. 


Don't forget to click "Submit" at the bottom of the menu to retain the changes you've made!

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