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Prodigy: What Is It?

Prodigy is a free, online, math-based, curriculum aligned, role playing game. 

Join 250,000 teachers and over 5 million students in using the game that will revolutionize the way you approach math instruction!  

Featuring over 50,000 questions spanning Grades 1 - 8 in 4 different curricula, players will get to watch their very own wizard grow stronger, learn new spells and acquire new equipment while facing ever more powerful opponents, all by answering math questions! 

What makes it even better is that it will adapt by itself to ensure that your student/child is receiving the right material at the right time.

The game is self-paced, so while you might have a classroom of students all working at different levels within the curriculum, they'll still get to experience the same rich and exciting world, while each one is working on the content that is right for them. 

Our goal is to make every child absolutely love doing math! With Prodigy, you won't have to force them or bribe them, in fact, they'll ask you to let them!

Registration is always free and gives you access to all of our educational content and teacher tools including assignment creation and comprehensive reports.

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