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Patch/Release Notes: Teacher Features (September, 2015)


It's that time of year again and Prodigy is ready to help you get you and your students started quickly and easily! Along with the changes we've already made to the teacher dashboard (read about it here), this morning, we've released several features to help you manage your students.

This returning feature allows you to change all of your students' passwords all at once. Choose to have the tool generate passwords for you or align your classes' passwords to ones they use in different programs by entering in your own custom password manually.

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As of this morning, teachers will have the ability to print customized parent letters on demand from their My Students page. These personalized parent letters include instructions for parents along with the individual student's username and password for their Prodigy account. This provides everything a student will need to get started at home and for a parent to get involved in using Prodigy to help their children develop their math skills! 

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Do you have returning students that played Prodigy with a teacher colleague at your school last year? Student lookup can help you to add returning students to your class list at the click of the button.

In May, 2015 we took a record of all student accounts tied to a teacher account with a registered location. The student lookup tool allows you to go back in time and look up your students by their teacher from the previous school year. Select the ones you'd like to add to your class list and after submission, they'll automatically be paired to your account.

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 Teacher Location Form  In order to make use of Student Lookup, your account will need to be tied to a registered school.

Moving forward, if your teacher account has two students created after August 1st, 2015 the next time you log into your dashboard you will be asked to fill out your grade and location.

After you have chosen an existing location you will see the 'Student Lookup' tool available for you on the My Students page.

(Please Note: Changing of your location/grade once set is not currently available)

If your school is not present, then it can be entered manually.

(Please Note: Student Lookup will not be available for manually registered schools.)

If you have concerns about making use of this tool, it's important that you know that adding students using student lookup tool will not change the students' progress in any way and they will not be removed from any other teacher's list when you take this action.  

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