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Patch/Release Notes: 1.18.2 (October, 2015)

We've made multiple changes to our main question interface to improve its performance and make it easier to use! 

Screen Size/Scaling - With the multitude of devices that are used to play Prodigy, we've made sure that our questions continue to look great no matter what your screen size is. The question window and the aspect ratio of elements inside of it (e.g. shapes) should always look the same for you no matter what supported device/operating system/browser you're using!

Celebrating correct answers - We know that sometimes math can be challenging and that's what makes it fun but we felt we should celebrate with you more when you do it right. That's why, when a correct answer is submitted now, you'll see a brand new animation giving you a big virtual high five for a job well done!


New Virtual Keyboard - We've redone our on-screen keyboard to include new elements and improved its styling too! You'll also notice that the keyboard will change to include new elements that pertain to the question you're answering. So, if you need to enter a variable like "x", then that will appear for you. 

New Text to Speech and Hint Buttons - We've moved our Question Read aloud and hint buttons to left side of the screen to make way for our reworked manipulatives. They now look like this: 

Revamped Manipulatives - We know that it's important to have the ability to jot on screen and make use of virtual manipulatives to help you answer questions. So, we've made them more fun to look at and easier to use. 

Drawing Tool - We've added a series of selectable pencil crayons on the right side of the screen, to make colour selection easier and more fun. 

Click on the eraser and click and drag over areas of the screen you've drawn on to erase only a portion of your drawing.

Manipulatives Drawer - We've tucked away your manipulatives into a new drawer on the top right of the question interface. Not to worry, all the same tools are available to you, just click on the drawer icon  to gain access to counters, fraction strips, base 10 blocks and coins. 


Highlighting of Selected Text Boxes - Now when you select a text box, it will be lightly highlighted in blue to ensure you know where you're submitting your answer. 

We hope these changes will make answering questions in Prodigy more fun and functional. Let us know what you think! 



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