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Patch/Release Notes: 1.18.0 Pumpkinfest Has Arrived! (October, 2015)

For the rest of October, Pumpkinfest has taken over Prodigy Isle! 

All your favourite zones have been pumped up with Pumpkins and other spooky stuff!

Wolfs, Skeletons, Frankensteins! OH MY! 

For as long as Pumpkinfest lasts, you'll be able visit our Pumpkinfest Costume Shop!

There are plenty of creepy costumes to scare your fellow wizards! Just click on the Pumpkinfest store icon in your main tool-bar to visit the costume shop. 

Or visit the spooky shopkeeper in Lamplight Square!

Bug Fixes: 

The update button for class codes will be present for all users right after login. Students can now enter a class code by selecting "update" or proceed forward without entering a code by selecting "Next". 

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