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Patch/Release Notes 1.13.0

This morning we've made some minor changes as well as some work behind the scenes to support upcoming feature releases. Here are some of the changes you'll notice in the game as of this morning: 

House: We've done a major overhaul to the house editing menus. We hope this makes it a lot easier to make use of this feature. To find out more, check out our article on the house feature here.

Student Registration: We've made a few changes to student registration to make it easier for students to remember account details. 

  • Pick a password - Students are now able to select their own password during registration of a new account.       (*Please Note*:This will not apply for accounts that were created using teacher/parent accounts)
  • Playing at home or at school? During registration, students will be asked to select whether they're playing from home or from school.  If they select home, they'll be asked to enter their parent's e-mail address. If they select school, they'll be asked to enter their teacher's unique class code to pair their new account to their teacher. More information about class codes can be found here
  • First-Time Entry: Once a student has completed registration, they'll be asked to enter their username and password to login. This will give them another opportunity to write down their login information as well as show them the proper way to login to the game. 

Updated player notices:When changing screens in game, players will be given notices about some of the inner workings of the game. For example, they'll be told if items are loading or saving and will be provided updates when this is complete. 



-Minor Bug fixes


Tell us what you think of these new features! Write to us at:

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