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Patch/Release Notes 1.12.4

We're really excited about some significant changes we've made to our website this morning: 


You'll notice that we've changed to a brand new homepage featuring ED, Prodigy's mascot. 

All the same key components to access your account or the game are still there in the upper right corner. Gone are the teacher and parent links at the top of the page that forced you to navigate to new pages to view this information. Now, you'll have the option to click on one of 3 tabs below the image of ED which will provide you with information about Prodigy according to your role right on the homepage. 

This is part of an ongoing project to update the look of our site and make it easier to use. 

Class Codes: We're in the process of implementing a new system of pairing student accounts to their teachers using unique codes. Starting today, each teacher account will receive a "Class Code" unique to them visible on their dashboard.

For now, when a student is registering a new account, they'll be asked to enter in their class' code which will place them on their teacher's class list automatically. 

(*Please Note*: This will supplant the existing "Student Lookup" system which is now discontinued.)

Printing Class Lists: 

We've now made it easier print an up to date list of your students' usernames and passwords. Previously, resetting your class' passwords was required. You can now print a complete list simply by clicking on the "Print Student Logins" button from your "My Students" page. 


We've also added a feature notifying you if your students' accounts have been linked to a parent account at home. This is a great way to keep track if your students are making use of the program at home.

(*Please Note*: Passwords that were not set by you will not be visible on your printable class list.)

Resource Page: 

We've also updated our resources page. So, if you want access to some getting started videos, sign up for one of our scheduled complimentary online webinars or find the best way to share Prodigy with friends or colleagues, click here

Minor Changes/Fixes: 

- Commas will now be accepted in questions that include answers 1,000 and larger. 

For example, the answer "1,234" will now be accepted in question text boxes as correct. When commas are included in the incorrect location, for example, "12,34", the answer will be marked as incorrect. 

 -Minor bug fix: questions with underscores will now display properly when using the Firefox browser. 




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