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Creating an Assignment

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Assignments are a great way to have your students work on specific material while they play the game. You'll even get a report that shows how they performed on the assigned questions.

When given an assignment, your students will encounter the questions from the assignment before any others, until the assignment is completed! The best part, they won't even know you've given them an assignment! They'll just play the game as they normally would. 

You can follow these easy steps to create a homework assignment.

1. Navigate to Prodigy, select the "Login" button from the top right, enter in your account details and select "Login".


2. Select the class that you'd like to create an assignment for. 

3. Select "Assignments" from the sidebar and then select the "Create Assignment" button from the top of the page. 

4. Select the skill you'd like to assign by clicking on the "Select" button next to the section labelled "Skills".


A pop-up menu will appear that will allow you to select a single skill from any grade or curriculum. Adjust the grade level or curriculum from the drop down menus that appear at the top of the pop-up. 

5. Select a skill from the available options, your selection will be highlighted by the solid radio button to the left of the skill. Then press "next". 

6. Next to the menu labelled "Students and Options", click on the "Select" button. 

From this menu you can: 

  • Set the name for your assignment
  • Set the number of questions for your assignment (up to 25)
  • Select the students that will receive your assignment.

When you're happy with your selection, select "Next". 

7. Next select the start and end date for your assignment from the calendar menu and then select "Create".


That's it! Your assignment is now created and will appear as a purple line in your calendar. 

If at any time you'd like to change an element of your assignment, you can do so by selecting the purple line in your calendar and selecting "edit".


You'll be able to edit the following details: 

  • Selected skill for the assignment
  • Assignment title
  • Number of questions
  • Students the assignment is provided to
  • Start and end dates for the assignment

When you're happy with your changes, select "Save". 

At any time you can view your assignment report by selecting the purple line in your calendar and then selecting "View Report". 

At any time you can completely remove the assignment by selecting the purple line in your calendar > selecting "Delete" and then confirming your selection by clicking on "Delete assignment". 

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