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Class Codes for New Student Accounts

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Looking to have your students that are new to Prodigy linked with your teacher account? Class codes are an easy way to have your students link their account to yours when they register. You may also have the students asking "What Is My Class Code?"

Please Note: This article is for students registering new accounts for the first time. To pair students with existing accounts using class codes, click here.

What is a Class Code? 

A class code is a set of letters and numbers unique to each registered Prodigy teacher account.

It can be located under your teacher created "classrooms" as each class has their own unique code.

How do my students use my class code? 

Class codes will be entered as part of the student registration process. To get your students started, follow these instructions:

1. Have your students navigate to Prodigy and select the "Play Prodigy" link in the top right corner of the page or head to

2. Select the "New Student" button at the bottom left of the game's login page. Screenshot_062019_124514_PM.jpg

3. Have your student enter in your class code. If you don't have your class code on hand, then select the "Need a class code? Click here!". You will be prompted to enter your teacher email address, password and then chose the class that you would like your student linked to.


4. Have them enter their first and last name or initial. 


5. Have them create a password they can remember. 


6. Have them select their current grade. 


7. Lastly, have your student take note of their username and password and write it down for safekeeping!



That's it! Your students can now login to the game with their new username and they'll automatically be tied to your class list via the class code.



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