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Prodigy Referrals: FAQ

Interested in earning a free membership for your students just by sharing Prodigy? Read the following for answers to any questions you might have about how our referral system works:

How do I refer people to Prodigy? 

To share Prodigy using our new referral system, login to your teacher account from our homepage ( and select the "Share Prodigy Now" button on your dashboard.

How do Prodigy referrals earn me a free membership? 

Using our new referral system on your dashboard, you can share Prodigy with friends and colleagues using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or our customer referral link. For everyone you refer that has a student complete our in-game placement test, you'll earn 1 point.  

How many points do I need to earn a free membership? 

You will need 20 points to earn a free 3-month Prodigy Premium Membership. 

I already have students registered for Prodigy, can I still earn points? 

Yes, points are earned by sharing Prodigy with your friends or colleagues. For every student that completes our placement test and is paired to a teacher/parent account that was registered using your link, you'll earn a point!

How do I get my free membership? 

Once you've earned 20 points, the option to apply your membership will appear on your dashboard.

How do I know how many points I have? 

To learn how many points you've earned login to your Prodigy account and select the "Share Prodigy Now" button from dashboard to see a running total of how many points you've earned. 

Can I earn more than 1 free membership? 

Yes, you can earn multiple memberships. Once you've reached 20 points, the process will start over again. 

How many students can use my free membership? 

Each Prodigy membership can be applied to a single student account. 

What is the placement test?

When a new student starts playing the game, we put them in a placement test to determine which is the right material for them. The test acts as a diagnostic assessment and  will consist of a series of questions on a variety of skills. As soon as the student starts to struggle with the material they're receiving, we'll place them in the appropriate grade based on their results.  

How will I know when a student has completed the placement test? 

A student's placement test results can  be viewed on their teacher's dashboard using the "Diagnostic Test Results" widget. While in progress, the student's status will be listed as "Test in Progress". Once complete the widget will display the grade the student has been placed in. 


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