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Patch/Release Notes 1.10.0


- New Content released for every grade to broaden curriculum coverage, including graphing and fractions.

(Newly added skills will not have preview questions during assignment creation and will not appear in assignment reports. This will be addressed in a future release. Questions will appear normally in game).

- New Font for questions

- Questions where you would naturally work from right to left to solve(ex. adding or subtracting) will now have the cursor begin under the ones column, and then work   its way left as a student would.

 - New enhancements to manipulatives:

  • Larger colour palette for the drawing tool.
  • All interactive manipulatives (counters, base 10 blocks, fraction strips, and coins) can now be dragged directly from the menu, on to the screen. No initial click is necessary.
  • Now there are 3 types of counters to choose from. 


-various bug fixes for the appearance of questions. 

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