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Patch/Release Notes: Website Features and Re-design

Prodigy has a new look! 

As of this morning, we've introduced the first of what will be some significant changes to the website and its features. 

New Look

A lot of what you see will be familiar however, here are some of the changes you'll notice when you visit Prodigy.

1. New Menu Bar

We've integrated our two menu bars into one, to simplify the navigation process. This change will permeate throughout the site. The language is largely the same except for modifying the former "Teacher/Parent Login" button so that it now simply reads "Login".

The menu bar when logged in, also features some changes although the functionality remains the same: 


Your logged in experience also features a more streamlined and simplified appearance, making it easier to navigate to your desired teacher and parent features.


2. Meet "Ed" 

You'll also notice the introduction of our new mascot, Ed.


Over time, you'll notice Ed cropping up throughout the website and maybe even in the Prodigy World!



The big change in this release is to assignments. We've made some significant improvements to this feature: 

1. Topics Display. 

Whereas previously, you would select a topic from a drop down menu, we're now providing you with a full view of all the topics from the selected grade, and the specific skills listed underneath. This will help to remove all the guessing from selecting a skill, providing you with a full view of everything available to you on a single page. 

Selecting a topic will automatically populate an assignment for you using the quick assignment feature. 

2. Quick assignment feature: 

In an effort to make creating assignments a faster experience, selecting an assignment topic will now automatically populate an assignment that is: 

- 5 questions long

- 2 weeks long

- Assigned to all students on your class list. 

On top of this, the assignment view will give you a description of the topic, and a sample question preview. Not to worry though, if you want to make changes to the number of questions, assignment start/end date or who it's assigned to, you can do this by selecting the "Customize Assignment" button from the bottom of the page.


When making changes to which students the topic is assigned to, you'll be presented with a slide menu with a list of your students. Simply, check the student accounts you want the questions assigned to and then select "Save" to confirm those changes.



When your assignment is ready, select the "Create Assignment" button from the bottom of the slide menu and you're done!

Make sure everything is the way you want it prior to doing this, as there will be no way to edit your assignment once it's created.

We hope this makes providing your students with the content you want them to receive, more user friendly and less time consuming!

Look out for future updates to the website and its features!  




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