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Patch/Release Notes 1.12.2 - Leaderboards are back!


New Education Content: 

Common Core State Standards Grade 8

Mathematics Florida Standards Grades 7 & 8



The next time you log in to the game, you'll be greeted by your rank in your leaderboard!

Your leaderboard will be made up of all the class lists your a part of and will include the top 30 players from all of your lists. We've also introduced a new leader board. Currently ranks are determined by:

- Level -  meaning it doesn't matter what material you're working on or what grade you're in, everyone has a chance to make it to the top! 

-Gold - we've also introduced a new leaderboard ranked by the amount of gold you've accumulated. 

To switch between the two boards, select the star (level) or coins (gold) icons from the top right of the leaderboard menu. 

To open the leaderboard menu, select the scroll icon from the bottom toolbar:

 Your character will be highlighted in green to make them easy to identify:

All of the members of your leaderboard will be displayed on the right side of the screen so you can check out their level and outfits! These can take some time to update when players change parts of their outfits, so please be patient! 

Skill Pages:

You can now view all of our available education content from our dynamic skill pages. 

These can be accessed by selecting the "Learn About Our Skill Coverage from our homepage, or by following this link. 

The skills page works much like the assignment feature, allowing you to select curriculum and grade level from drop down menus.

If you click on a particular skill, you'll be provided with a sample question from the skill.


- Minor bug fixes

- Removed stores and mini-games from main map to make navigation easier. Mini-games can still be accessed from the respective zones (Dyno Dig Oasis/Clockwork Town)

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