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Patch/Release Notes 1.11.0

We hope you brought your wizard dancing shoes because Clockwork Town is live!


-New Zone: Clockwork Town

In this zone we are introducing: 

  • New Quest Type: The Daily "Robolympics" - Complete the quests before the day ends and earn rewards!
  • 4 new evolvable pets!
  • New Store and Outfits
  • New Nicknamer

-New Mini-Game: Dance

Can you win the dance contest? Take your new robot, the "TEK -Y4" into the competition and level it up! If you can complete the contest rewards are in store!

-New Team Creation Menu:

Previously, wizards would select their team prior to battle. Now, players will set their team up before hand from the "Pet Menu". Click on the pet menu icon to select your team members!

Your pet inventory can still be viewed by selecting the book icon in the top right.

On top of that, we've removed the 2 team member limit for non-members, now you can try all sorts of combinations of your 5 member team!

-Enhanced Tutorials: 

Tutorials have been introduced for all major player menus:

  • Pets
  • Backpack
  • Map

We have also redesigned the battle tutorial!

New Introduction/Zone:

Now when players create a new wizard, they'll see a new introduction scene telling them some of the history of the Academy.

Already have a wizard? Don't worry, you can see the new introduction by selecting the settings menu (Gear Icon) and then selecting "Watch Intro".

Along with the new introduction comes a new zone the "Lamplight Docks" where you can heal and take part in our battle tutorial with Noot.

-Healer/Healing Cost:

Two of Noots friends have arrived in town, the "Healers". You can now visit the healers in two places: the Academy and the Lamplight Docks. 

Healing will now cost you 50 gold. If you faint during a battle, it's going to cost you 100 gold for the healers to revive you. 

Minor Improvements:

-Enhanced Icons.

Bug Fixes: 

-Minor issues with character create

-Improved zone load times

-Sound Menu Sliders





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