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Patch/Release Notes: Version 1.9.0

Feature Releases: 

New NPC: The Merchant 

You'll notice that instead of stores in each zone, you'll now be greeted by the "Merchant". The stores still offer the same great items but now you'll be buying them from this lovable travelling salesman! 

The Merchant isn't just selling though, he's buying too! Everyday, you'll be able to sell 1 type of item to the Merchant in Lamplight Market! 

Store Catalogue and the Deal of the Day: While you can visit the Merchant in each zone with a store, you can now purchase items from any store all in the same place!

You'll notice a new icon on your bottom toolbar, the Store Catalogue! 

On top of that, the new store menu will feature a sale on a store item every day! Make sure to check it before the clock runs out so you can get all those items on your wishlist for a discounted price!

Map Indicators and sorting functionality: 

You'll also notice some changes to the Prodigy Map. We've revamped some of the icon art on the map. 

We've also introduced a new map icon sorting feature in the bottom left corner. 

You can now select which icons are displayed by clicking on one of the 4 options from this sorting menu: 

-All: Displays every available map selection.

-Quests: Any zone that features a unique quest line will be displayed.

-Stores: Any zone that features a store will be displayed

-Games: Any zone featuring a mini game will be displayed

Re-Designs:  We've made some changes to the looks and functionality of existing features and menus.

- Stylist: The stylist that can be accessed in Lamplight Market now has a new streamlined look and a new price point! 

Users can now change their characters hair style, hair colour and eye colour for 250 gold!

The menu is now simpler to use, with just three options to change and a preview window on the right side of the page so you can review your changes before purchasing your new look! 

- Pet Menu: We've also made some changes to the pet menu to make it easier to review and manage your pets. 

1. The "All Pets" button has moved to the top of the page and instead of opening a whole new window, it changes the preview window on the right side of the page.

Using this menu, you can scroll through the list of pets you currently hold. Select the "My Pets" button to return to the regular view. 


2. Pet window: Instead of only being able to view your pets one at a time, you'll now be able to see 3 pets at the same time. This will make it much easier to see if you have duplicate pets and compare their levels. You also get a dynamic bar system to track how many hearts each of your pets have as well as a meter showing how many stars they'll need to reach their next level.

Selecting a pet from either the pet menu or the All Pets menu will still display the pet, its stats and description in the preview window on the left of the screen. 

We sure hope you like these changes! Be sure to keep checking our support page for descriptions of all the changes we've made to the game and website! 

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