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Leader boards: FAQ

The leaderboard has now been built into the "Social" menu, click here to read up about it! 

What is the class leaders leaderboard?

Leaderboards update in real-time to allow students to see how they compare with their classmates or other family members in terms of overall level. 

Please Note: The leaderboard is based on level or accumulated stars only. The leaderboard is not determined by grade level of math content or overall performance on math content encountered. 

Who is on my Leaderboard?

The other people on your leaderboard are determined by all the class lists that you are a part of so your leaderboard is unique to you. 

If you are part of a class that uses Prodigy at school and your whole class is listed under your teacher's class list then the top 30 will appear on your list. 

If you are listed under a parent or guardian's account with a sibling or friend, then they'll be listed there too! 

Do leaderboards show what grade level I'm working on?

No, leaderboards are determined only by total level. This means that the leaderboards are determined entirely by effort. No one will be able to tell what kinds of questions that you're working on using a leaderboard. 

Also, because Prodigy is made to always give you the right kinds of questions, everyone has a chance to be at the top of a leaderboard if they work hard enough to increase their level or amount of gold! 

Can I disable leaderboards for my class? 

No, leaderboards cannot be disabled. 

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