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Where do I go to battle or find math questions?

Engaging in battle is where a player encounters math questions in the world of Prodigy. Here's where you can find battles in the game. 

There are currently 8 places you can visit to find battles and therefore, math: 

-The Firefly Forest

-Shiverchill Mountain (must complete the Firefly Forest first)

-Skywatch (must complete Shiverchill Mountrain first)   

-The Bonfire Spire (must complete Skywatch first)                            

-The Coliseum (in Lamplight Town)

-Barnacle Cove

-Dyno Dig Oasis                               

-The Dark Tower (members only)      


Click on your map icon any time outside you're outside of a battle to navigate to one of these places.


In each of these zones, a challenge area can be accessed by clicking on one of the new Prodigy Characters.

For example, in the Coliseum in Lamplight town, you will find Clankboot, whom you can click on to  challenge Academy Wizards. 


These wizards get incrementally harder as you go along, culminating with Crios, Prodigy's resident "bad guy". You can only progress through the academy wizards by beating each one in order. 

These are all the places where users can encounter math and gain experience in Prodigy, so get out there and show them what you've got! 


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