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Virtual Manipulatives

Every time your student/child is given a question, they can view hints or lessons and also access a tool box of virtual manipulatives to help them work it out.                        

1. Drawing tools: 

On the right side of the screen are a series of pencil crayons. When one is selected, the multi-coloured drawing tool can be used to write anywhere within the work space. Good examples of how this can be used are:  performing operations that require regrouping or drawing a number line to help count or skip-count. 

 2. The erase tool: 


If you have drawn a lot with the pen tool or have placed a number of manipulatives and would like erase some of it, select the eraser below the pencil crayon icons. Using this tool, click and drag to erase portions of what you've drawn on screen.

To clear the entire work space you can select the trash can icon to clear it all with the push of one button: 



3. Manipulatives 

Manipulatives can be very valuable resources however, many students do not have them at their disposal at home. With Prodigy's virtual manipulatives, students can have access to interactive tools, just like the one's they have at school. 

Selecting the manipulatives drawer on the top right of the menu will display the available manipulatives within the menu. 

Click and drag the item to move it into the workspace. This will also allow you to move it around the workspace.

Selecting the item within the workspace will also allow you to make use of it's interactive elements. For example, base ten blocks are a valuable tool that students can user to understand place value and to visualize regrouping.            

Clicking on the blocks will break the hundreds into ten 10 blocks. Similarly, the tens can be broken into single units which can be dragged around the workspace. 

Users can make use of all of the tools available to address concepts like fractions, money, counting and many more:

Other available tools are:

  • Coins
  • Fraction Strips
  • Counters  

Using Prodigy's virtual manipulatives, teachers can work through concepts with students and the fact that they are online means that students will continue to have access to those tools at home! 

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