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Prodigy Reports

Assessment can be a challenging task but Prodigy can help!

Prodigy features powerful reporting tools for both parents and teachers. The more your student or child plays the game, the better you can measure their progress!

Here's how to access your reports: 

1. Navigate to Prodigy and select the login button from the top right of the page.

2. Enter in your registered e-mail address and your password and select Login.

3. Select the class that you'd like to view reports for. 

4. Select Reports from the left side of the page. 

Here's a breakdown of the reports available to you.  Please click on which report that you would like to learn more about.

Student Usage
Weekly Activity
Student Comprehension
Curriculum Coverage
Topic Coverage
Placement Test

 Use this information to identify where an individual student is excelling or struggling so that you can customize the content in game for them!

Student Usage Report

This report gives you an overview of your students' usage of the game at home vs. at school. 


 In the top panel, you can hover your mouse cursor over each individual day of the week to see how many questions your class as a whole answered at home vs. at school. 

In the lower panel, each day is broken down into an expandable table. Click on each day to see which individual students answered questions and how many at home vs. at school.

At the top left, the report can be toggled to show the whole class or any individual student. 

At the top right, you can toggle through historical data, looking backwards at prior weeks of your students' usage. Select "Today" to return to the current week at any time. 

Weekly Activity Report

This report gives you a breakdown of all the skills that your students encountered over the course of the a week.


You can toggle to look back at previous' weeks data by selecting the toggle next to the date in the top right. 

Within the report, each skill has a corresponding colour coded box with a number in the center. The colour indicates overall performance range and the number indicates the total number of students within that range. Expanding the skill by clicking on it displays which students fell into each range. 

Red - Indicates the student(s) performed below 60% on this skill

Yellow - Indicates the student(s) performed between 60%-70% on this skill

Green - Indicates that the student(s) performed above 80% on this skill. 

When expanded, hover your mouse cursor over the individual student's name to see how many questions they answered correctly/incorrectly as well as their exact performance metric in percentage. 

Use this report to stay up to date on your students' progress week over week!

Student Comprehension Report

The student progress report is designed to give you an overview of all the content that a student has encountered in the game and their performance when interacting with it. 


To start with, select the student who's report you'd like to view and the date range from the drop down menus at the top of the page.


When you're done, the page will update.

From within the report, view the complete list of material the student has interacted with sorted by topic or strand alphabetically. Clicking on the Grade > Strand > Skill will expand the tree.

Within each topic or strand see: 

  • The grade
  • The skill name
  • The total time the student spent answering questions from that skill
  • Total number of questions encountered
  • Overall percentage of those questions answered correctly


Curriculum Coverage Report

Using the Curriculum coverage report will tell you how each individual student is performing against multiple curriculum expectations, all in one report.


Using the Curriculum coverage report will tell you how each individual student is performing against multiple curriculum expectations, all in one report.

Select the grade you'd like to view from the drop down menu: 

Topic Coverage Report

This report gives you an overview of how your class is progressing through each topic in the curriculum.


From the top of the page, you'll be able to select the grade which you want to view your class' progress for. 

From there, you'll view your class' overall progress through a topic, visualized through a bar next to the topic title: 


Click on the topic title to drill down to the topic level where a progress bar will accompany each skill as well.

The bar is colour coded to indicate to you how many of your students have: 

  • Not started the skill
  • Are working on the skill
  • Are struggling with the skill
  • Have mastered the skill


Click on the skill name to drill down to the individual student level. At this level you can view: 

  • A sample question from the skill
  • Each of your students' status within that skill
  • The number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly and overall grade if you hover over the student's name with your mouse's cursor.

Placement Test Report

Within the Placement Test report, you can view a summary of where your students are at in the placement test. 


You will have the option of the summary or breakdown depending on how much detail you are looking for.


For a more detailed breakdown of questions a single student has answered from the placement test, select the "Detailed Breakdown" tab at the top left.

The report will also let you know how the students are doing based on symbols beside their name.  They are broken down as follows:

  • Red exclamation point - Two grade levels below
  • Yellow exclamation point - One grade level below
  • Green check mark- At current grade level, or above
  • "Not Started" - Student has not started the placement test
  • "In Progress" - Student is working through the placement test
  • "Moved Past" - the student had consistently done well and/or mastered the skills in that grade and has moved on to the next skill or grade
  • "Override" - Grade override has removed the student from the placement test


You'll be prompted to select the student's name from a drop down menu. When selected, you'll receive a question by question breakdown of how they progressed/are progressing through the placement test.

 Make the most of your reports today! Log on to your Teacher/Parent account, select a class and click on the reports button!

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