Heart and Spell Power Bonuses

In Prodigy, we've made significant changes to the items that your wizard can use.  

1. Item Descriptions and rarity: 


Your inventory or backpack menu now features item descriptions. Each item has a small description explaining its origin or fun fact about the item. Similarly, each item is given a rating on a rarity index ranging from common to legendary. This can be identified by the background where the name is printed.  See the chart below for more details.

Rarity of Item/Gear


2. Heart Bonuses: 

Your hats, shoes, and armour now provide your wizard with bonus hearts. The heart bonus is related to the rarity of the item. The more rare the item, the more hearts you will receive. 


3. Spell Bonuses: 

Wands now provide your wizard with power bonuses depending on the rarity. The more rare the wand, the more bonus damage it will provide. The tool-tip will also show you the range of 1-3 monsters that it can hit, along with the spell it provides.


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