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List of Feature Changes in Prodigy Mobile

While remaking Prodigy for mobile devices, we took the opportunity to make a number of improvements to the game. We also had to temporarily disable a number of features, but we'll be working hard to get all features back into the game over the next 4-6 months, along with quite a few new ones along the way!

To acknowledge the fact that some of these features (e.g., Pet Eggs) will be missed, each player will receive 5,000 gold when they first log into their account after Prodigy Mobile is released.

Pets, Baby Pets, and Pet Eggs

One of the biggest changes we made was to the pet system. Players will no longer find pet eggs, and all eggs have been removed from the game. Rather than randomly finding eggs and hoping that it will evolve into the pet you're looking for, players are now able to catch pets using the new catching system. 

In addition to removing the pet eggs, baby pets are now considered to be the first evolution to more powerful pets. These adorable little creatures, along with many of the other popular pets in Prodigy, will now evolve as players use them in battle. Evolving will unlock new spells and abilities.

Another major change to the pet system is that more than one pet can join you in battle, but only one of you can battle at any given time. If you're up against a fire opponent, you're going to want to switch in your water pet!


Since battling monsters can be tiring business we've added a new character into the game that will heal you to full health any time you ask. His name is Noot, and you can find him in the Academy:

Health and Experience

The Health and Experience bars have been replaced by simpler systems. Rather than a general health bar, all players now have a number of Heart containers. Every five levels players will unlock a new half-Heart to help them challenge more powerful opponents. 

The Experience bar has also been replaced by a Star container. At the end of each battle, players will earn Stars. If their Star container fills up, then their character (or the pet they were battling with) will level up. 

This goes for your pets too! Instead of feeding your pets to level them up, your pets will now earn stars for taking part in a battle, just like your wizard! So, as you grow stronger, so do the pets that you use most to help you win!

Smaller Feature Changes:

The following smaller features have also been temporarily disabled:

  • The Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Pets walking around with your character

As was mentioned above, any features that were removed were hopefully done so on a temporary basis. The goal with Prodigy Mobile was to make the game much more accessible, but this is just the first version in a long line of many exciting updates. 



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