How-to: Roster your Classroom with Clever

If you use Clever SSO to manage your classrooms, you can log in to your Prodigy Teacher Account via Clever and manage your student's accounts.

Setting up and managing your classrooms on Prodigy is easy with Clever, please keep in mind that any changes to your classroom roster must be made through Clever, you can then Sync from your Prodigy account to reflect these changes on Prodigy!

Syncing Classrooms From The Teacher Dashboard

You can find the “Sync with Clever” button on the Home page, right above the “Create new class” button.

Click the “Sync with Clever” button in the left-hand column to start the process of syncing your Clever classrooms and students.

View a list of your Clever classrooms and choose which ones you would like to bring over to Prodigy! This is also where you can set your classroom grade. When you’re finished, click "Confirm".

Once you’ve confirmed which classrooms you would like to sync, click “Sync classrooms”.

The app will reload and your Clever classrooms are now synced!

Clever Rostering FAQ

I updated my class roster in Clever. How do I update my Prodigy roster?

You can sync the most recent data from Clever by performing the steps above and re-selecting your previously synced classrooms.

This will update the classroom in Prodigy with any changes you may have made to your class or students, including the classroom name (if changed). 

What are the differences between a regular Prodigy classroom and a classroom synced with Clever?

While both options give you access to all of Prodigy's teacher tools, here are a few key differences:

You cannot directly edit the classroom name, this must be done via Clever
You cannot edit the names of your students that have Clever accounts, their names are synced with Clever and will only be updated when they are updated via Clever.

A new student was added to my classroom on Clever, how do I add them to my Prodigy classroom?

Not to worry! If any information has changed on Clever (e.g. a student was moved in or out of your classroom, your classroom name has changed), you can initiate another sync using the Clever sync process.

Click on the “Sync with Clever” button and select the classes that you wish to sync. This will update previously synced classrooms with the most recent data.

How do I remove a Clever classroom from Prodigy?

If you want to remove your Clever classroom from Prodigy, you simply need to delete the classroom from the classroom settings page in Prodigy. Click on the "Classrooms" button, select the class you would like to remove, then click "Delete".

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