Visit Your Classmates in Prodigy English!

We know players are proud of their village and we are so excited to be introducing the ability to visit your classmates in Prodigy English.

Students will have the opportunity to check out their classmate’s decorations and visit the host’s stores to purchase items they can bring back to their own village!

The following requirements must be met for a student to be able to visit another village:

  • They have completed the tutorial and selected a name
  • The classmate who you’d like to visit is online AND their village is set to Open
  • The visitor limit of 5 will not be exceeded when you visit

Please note:

Please note: If a student is in more than one Prodigy English classroom, they will only be able to join classmates from the most recently joined class code.

This is the first step toward building social features we think our players will love!

We look forward to giving players more to do while visiting their classmates, however, for the time being, the following actions cannot be performed while visiting a classmate:

  • Interacting with resources outside of the Crossroads area of the map (picking up items, chopping trees, fishing, farming etc.)
    • Tapping on objects will not show any interaction options outside of the Crossroads
  • Interacting with your classmate's NPCs or Pets
  • Dropping items from your inventory
  • Entering decorate mode or moving/placing items in the host’s village
  • Making wishes from the Wishing Well or Wishie

How to Visit Another Player in Prodigy English:

1. As long as the above requirements are met, once you’ve logged in, you can select the Social Menu from the HUD.


2. From here, select the Classmates tab and find the classmate you’d like to visit - remember, this player must be online and their village must be set to Open!


3. Here you’ll see if there are any other players currently visiting your classmate. When you’re ready to visit, select Go.

4. You’ll arrive at the host’s village near the dock, ready to explore their village and check out all of their hard work.

How to Open or Close Your Village for Visitors

Your Village will be Closed by default upon logging in. To open it:

1. Navigate to the Social Menu by tapping or clicking on the icon as pictured below:


2. Tap or click the button at the top of the Social Menu next to Village closed.


3. Confirm your choice on the next screen by selecting Open.


To close your Village, follow the same process but keep in mind if you close your Village while other players are visiting, they will return to their Village! This will also happen if you close your browser, or log out.



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