Spring 2023 Update

We've introduced some exciting updates to Prodigy English, and as a result, some players may have noticed that their game progress has reset to the beginning.

This reset is happening so we can add some big improvements (more on that below), including a new voiced tutorial which will help players better discover and explore the world of Prodigy English.

Players won't lose a thing!

Even after the reset, all progress will be preserved and items moved into the player's house storage, including:

  • Decorative items, clothing, harvested resources and pets
  • Tool levels will reset - but you’ll have the resources in your house storage so you can upgrade them again right away!
  • Crafting recipes will stay unlocked in the crafting book
  • All items that were dropped in the world
  • All items that were in your backpack

We will also be adding 400 Wishcoin to the accounts of any impacted players.

To access your house storage, simply click/tap on your house! 


Neighbors: Students can now add to their village by building houses, inviting neighbors to live there and earning rewards through building relationships with them.

Growing Crops: Students can buy seeds from the farm store and grow crops that they can sell to earn coins, or be gifted to their new neighbors.

Voiced Tutorial: A magical creature - Wishie - will now guide students throughout the game to help them learn about all the fun things they can do!


We’ve also:

  • Added new quests from Wishie
  • Added more space on the map for decorating
  • Made some slight adjustments to daily goals

We hope you'll enjoy these latest additions to Prodigy English, and if you have any questions or would like to let us know what you think of them, we'd love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out to us by clicking Submit a Request above.

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