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Patch/Release Notes - A New Clutch of Friends Arrive in the world of Prodigy! (Nov 9, 2017)

Hello teachers, parents and wizards! We have another epic announcement to share with everyone!

In addition to our exciting Epic toy series, we're really excited to introduce some new friends to the Prodigy world: The new Epic Dragons toy line, starting with Chill & Char, and Tidus!!  With these new friends, we have also now have updated pricing on the original Epics.  What better time than now, to grow your collection?

Chill & Char, as well as Tidus from the Epic Dragons line are joining all of Prodigy's previous "Epics" toy series, and will soon be joined by two more friends...Eclipse and Luma!


Chill & Char and Tidus:

Just like the previous Epics, our two new friends from Epic Dragons are not just new in game pets, but they are actual real toys!

Chill & Char



When our heroes and dragons fly together, they get travel discounts!

Along with our new Epic Dragons, we are introducing better shipping rates, and bundle pricing if you order more than one of the Epics!

  • All original Epics are now $13.95 (Big Hex, Florafox, Arctursus, Diveodile and Magmischielf)
  • If you order 2 - 4 of any toy, you get 15% Off!
  • If you order 5+ of any toy (capped at 20 units total and 4 units per model), you get 25% Off!
  • Shipping is $4.95 for all orders (Reduced from $7.95)

(Please note: All prices are in U.S. Dollars)

Starting today, we are accepting orders through our Toy Merchant! They can help you buy our new and original toys, and toy-specific gear for your wizard in game!


The Toy Merchant is available in the following zones:

  • Epic Space Sub-Zone
  • Firefly Forest Hub
  • Shiverchill Mountain Hub
  • Bonfire Spire Hub
  • Dyno Dig Oasis
  • Town Pet Area

We have a limited number of these toys on offer so get them while you still can!

Not only are our "Epic Dragons" real toys that you can keep for yourself, they come with a special, single-use code. When you enter this code into the game, that specific Epic will join you as a member of your battle team.  When you've recruited them, they will also give you their Epic Attack move!

We hope you enjoy these updates! As always, we're working hard to make Prodigy better for all teachers, parents and wizards! 

Let us know what you think! 

~The Prodigy Team


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