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Purchasing a membership for a child with Google Login Credentials

Prodigy has introduced the ability for students to login with Google authentication instead of our standard username/password. For parents with children with these types of accounts, the membership purchasing process is a little bit different. Here are the instructions!

1. Navigate to Prodigy's Membership page here.

(If you've already registered a parent or teacher account with us, then you should login from our homepage prior to initiating the purchasing process as this makes the process easier!)

2.  Select the type of membership you'd like to purchase, they are billed on either a monthly or annual basis. 

3. If you are already logged into your parent account, you'll be prompted to select a student account paired to your own. If not, you'll want to select "My Child Uses Google to log into Prodigy". Become_a_Prodigy_Member___Prodigy_Game.png

4. You'll then be prompted to have your child log into their account using their Google login credentials. 


5. Once logged in, you'll see their Prodigy username listed (every student has a Prodigy username despite logging in through Google, so it may appear differently to you.) 


At this stage, you can choose to "Add another child" if you'd like to purchase multiple memberships or you can "Proceed to Purchase" to move to the confirmation page and final checkout.

6. You'll then be asked to input your payment information.


(Please note: that if you did not have a free Prodigy Parent account prior to this, you'll be asked to input your name and email address. This will be used to create a free parent account for you so you can manage your membership in future)

7. Review your order and make sure the type and number of memberships desired is correct before finalizing your purchase. 

If you so desire, you can change the membership type using of the drop down menu under "Plan".  

If you are satisfied, select "Complete your Purchase!". 

That's it! You have now purchased and applied your membership! We think you'll see the benefits of being a Prodigy Premium Member in no time, in the way your child or student engages with the game and its content. 

Thanks for choosing Prodigy!


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