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Reports: Weekly Activity

The Weekly Activity report provides an overview of all the skills that your students encountered during the course of the week. Watch the video below for a quick how-to on this report!

You can toggle to look back at previous' weeks data by selecting the toggle next to the date in the top right. 

Within the report, each skill has a corresponding colour-coded box with a number in the center. The colour indicates the overall performance range and the number indicates the total number of students within that range. Expanding the skill by clicking on it displays which students fell into each range. 

Red - Indicates the student(s) performed below 60% on this skill

Yellow - Indicates the student(s) performed between 60%-70% on this skill

Green - Indicates that the student(s) performed above 80% on this skill. 

When expanded, hover your mouse cursor over the individual student's name to see how many questions they answered correctly/incorrectly as well as their exact performance metric in percentage. 

Use this report to stay up to date on your students' progress week over week!

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