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Import a Class from Google Classroom

If you have a teacher account linked to your Google account, you can now import your class list via Google Classroom!  This will auto generate new student accounts for all of your students that are imported this way.

(Haven't linked your Prodigy account to your Google account yet? Find out how here.)

Please follow the steps below to proceed.

Go to and click on "Login".


Click "Sign up with Google/Log in with Google"


-If you are not signed into a Google account on this browser, you’ll be prompted to do so as normal with your Gmail address and password.  Enter your Google email address and click "Next", then enter your Google password and click "Next" to proceed.

-If you sign into (or are already signed into) a Google account on this browser with multiple email addresses associated with it, you will be asked to choose which email address you’d like to link to your Prodigy account.

-If you sign into (or are already signed into) a Google account on this browser with only one email associated with it, you’ll be automatically moved to the next step.

On your main class page, click the Create New Class button, or the Add Class (Grey "+" symbol) if you already have other classes.



Click on "Import from Google Classroom"


This will bring up the Google prompt to confirm which account you are importing your class from, and confirm that you are allowing access to the information needed.



 Once you have allowed access, you will be given a list of the classes in your Google Classroom account.  Check off the box for the class(es) that you would like to import, and click continue.


 On the next step, you will be able to assign a grade to each class that you had previously selected, or remove them if you had a class chosen in error.  Once you are happy with your choices, click Import X Class(es).


And you're done!  You can now proceed working with your new class, or classes!

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